Monday, June 04, 2007

The end of an Act

I apologize for the time lag in posts here but since my beloved house mates did not give me the network key for the new internet at home, and more so because I have not been at home much recently makes it difficult to keep an up to date blog.

My second year has come to an end here in Dublin and I am yet again struck by this very metaphysical anxiety and despair that always enters my mind a week before it is time to leave - again. I have to pack up all my stuff, find a place to store it and move around, finish up exams and say goodbye to all those who are going away and that I shall probably not see for another year, at least. For the first time, I have just realized, people are leaving me. Maybe this is a healthy lesson, seeing what I have done to so many for so long happening to me in return? I wonder, when will I be sick of doing this? Never, hopefully.

Today is June bank holiday and we have a prime example of Irish weather going on. I have done a moderate amount of study for American history, fuck all for my Russian and Eastern European politics exam on Friday and I am going to meet Ildico for an hour at five. I cannot spare more time. Adam is gone somewhere to watch a DVD with his friend Esther and will hopefully come home later. I am secretly hoping that Quincy is going to be nice to us on Monday, but who knows. Progressivism long live!