Thursday, May 10, 2007

'Cause the meteorite is the sorce of the light, and the meteorite is all we perceive

Long time since my last update now...

Well, time has been running away from me at the speed light and the year is almost over. 24 hours a day seems to be at least 8 hours too short for all the things that I would like to have accomplished by the time I conclude.

Study has been poor recently too. Ireland was hit by the same heat wave as the rest of the European continent since the latter part of April and sunshine does not encourage study, as the library reached a higher temperature than outside already before noon and the little of oxygen there was disappeared around half past ten. I keep telling myself that:
1. I have been studying more throughout the year than last year
2. Modern history is more accessible than Medieval History
3. I have learnt what they're looking for and I guess I will be able to serve them that, so hopefully I will make it through this year as well.
Nevertheless, I still hate revisions as much as before. It's not interesting, because it's not new.

On top of everything, I spend May day asleep in my bed and the day after I woke up with swollen tonsils and fever, but I had to go to college because it was the History Society AGM and I was elected the new auditor. I would have started my work straight away but I think I need to get over this little virus infection first... Went to a new doctor again on Wednesday and he gave me antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and told me to drink some codeine and paracetamol drug that tastes like høkkel and hælvete, but it does make my tonsils less soar for a little while so I can consume food and drink in small quantities.

I also got another confirmation of why I shall not prevail in this country for much longer, their food does not accomodate for allergics. Not a single instant soup without lactose, potato stark or milk powder and only one baby dessert without strawberries, milk or bananas?!? The biggest disappointment was what I thought to be sorbet pops, because that's what they looked like on the outside also contained milk and soya. I am sick of eating noodle soups. Adam did come around for a medical visit yesterday though, which was very nice.

So in other words, Ingo is Ill again. (IllIngo. That looks cool!)and exam preparation goes slowly. The weather has shifted back to real Irish weather ( read: totally unpredictable and unreliable, rain and sun interchangeably.) Looking forward to come back to Norway ( or go to China, or both) soon enough, but I have to be out of my room before the 11th and that's also the day I am leaving.

So long, if I have more complaints I will serve them fried, with a side salad.

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