Monday, February 06, 2006

Galway Bay ( alternative version)

Galway Bay
Well, I'm in the bay city and I'm sitting pretty pretty
And you're pretty pretty and your sitting on me
And I'm pretty witty and your itty-bitty
And isn't it a pity the city can't see

The Sun goes down on Galway Bay
The daughter goes down on me
Her dad's not due till one or maybe two
And I'm as happy as I'll ever be

You're so cute in your birthday suit
And I'm so cool in mine
I could play all day with your exotic fruit
If you didn't have school at nine

I'm the kind of boy that fit's into your bed
You give me everything I ever wanted
Your the kind of girl that fits into my bed
I'll give you everything you ever wanted

And I'm as happy as I'll ever be.

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