Thursday, March 08, 2007

Ist das mein Dank?

Conor said that there's too much going on in his life for him to write a blog, and at the moment it feels like he was right. I just cannot find the time.

By April 5, I have to have 5 essays done, accomodated Gidske for 3 nights, gone to France for a week ( and all that implies...), when I come back I have to organise a reunion for the Tübingen crowd as well as Conor's birthday before John is coming for 2 nights to celebrate Easter. Then I'm off to Cork with Pete for the rest of Easter.

That's what holidays are all about, isn't it, especially when you're a student.

Also, das ist mein Dank.

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malou said...

Datt, du har`n! Se min blogg for informasjon - og ha en bra dag!