Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Another alternative "About My Favourites"

This is me:

Favourite Historian: I guess it's Stephen Ambrose at the moment, but several others are up there with him. This is of course when it comes to modern history. On the medieval stage the competition is close, but C.N.L Brooke, R.C.S Davis and Stephen Reiley are all up there with I.S. Robinson obviously.

Favourite philosophe: I am quite fond of Voltaire, not only because he was a brilliant author, but also because he was great. He is on the list, remember?

Favourite Pope: Pope John XII (955-64). During his papacy, the lateran palace was transformed into a brothel. He was a an 8th generation descendant of Charlemagne as well and hid in the mountains when life got too complicated.

Favourite Smell: The complete opposite of public toilets? The smell of someone dear.

Favourite European City: Barcelona.

Favourtie Beatles Song: We can work it out - because it gives me hope.

Favourite Taste: I am strong fan of ginger, but also chili.

Favourite Colours : Purple, with various shades.

Favourite Irish Accent: Kerry and Northern accents. Tyrone is nice.

I guess that's it for now,folks.

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