Monday, October 09, 2006

Another year has begun and this should be our year.

College started today. Finally. It was lovely to see all good folks again, even though we're more scattered this year due to all the options available to us now. Unfortunately the old feeling of getting back to school never reached me today. I have been hanging around college a bit recently and I just got annoyed with the crowd and the noise everywhere.

I had only three lectures today. History of the USA since 1607 where the lecturer is like a preacher and I am waiting for him to go "halleluja" or "amen" at any given moment, after he finished talking about how bad it is to use Power Point and he wants people to argue and not copy in his class. Russian and Eastern European Politics sounded very interesting, the whole lecture was about how long the lecturer had been lecturing and how brilliant a lecturer he is, then why you should not use Power Point. Guess if we started laughing out loud when we entered the room for Western European Politics, with two relatively yound and unexperienced lecturers and of course, a Power Point presentation. The two of them kept walking back and fro, really annoying and bad lecturing. I am pretty sure we are going to end up hating this course within three weeks. But on the other hand, it seems to be something that you can't miss if you want to understand the EU etc. So we'll stick to it at the moment.

And we have shite loads of work to do this year, but comparison to last year. Three essays and one asignment due before Christmas, the first one due in three weeks. Better hit the road, Jack.

Tomorrow I think I might try out the Yoga classes on campus, and Aidan is coming out here. At nine we're going to a Garcia Lorca reading as gaeilge where Aidrias de Staic is playing.

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